The Telugu text of the Telugu Study Bible is from the Bible Society of India (BSI) whereas the study notes is, primarily, taken from Holman’s CSB Study Bible®. These notes represent the work of more than a hundred scholars from different denominations and diverse backgrounds. The study notes were translated and edited by a panel of Telugu language church leaders and theological editors. The panel of editors have ensured that this study Bible is not just a translation of the study notes of The CSB Study Bible®. They have also strived to ensure its contextual relevance. The exciting new feature that is being introduced for the first time in the Telugu language Bibles is the accessibility of study resources on the Telugu Study Bible website, by scanning QR codes located in the printed copy of the Bible. The goal of each tool in this study Bible—whether study notes, essays, articles, book introductions, maps, charts, or study resources on the website—is to serve the text of Scripture by bringing to light facts that aid comprehension. As servants to the text, the study tools are designed to keep the focus on Scripture and never on the tools themselves.